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Keystone water.

In 2005, Mark and his close friend Derrek were two computer geeks who set out to apply their love of the Internet and marketing to meet a real demand that was proven to them through extensive market research.


After dabbling in a few other businesses and niches on the Internet, Mark and Derrek zeroed in on a business that tied together the concepts of water, the environment and Colorado — their home state — and launched Keystone Water, with the namesake of a favorite ski mountain. The company found immediate success, fulfilling the needs of businesses and households who sought better ways to provide hot and cold water within their homes and organizations.


Over the years, Keystone Water grew providing a few water dispensers from one manufacturer to providing a whole line of bottled, bottleless, and countertop water dispensers from respected distributors such as Clover, Global and more. With many filtration options, cleaner water is now dispensed without the use of prepackaged water bottles, and our hot, cold, and room temperature dispensers allow our customers several buying options. Priced competitively, Keystone Water ships water coolers all over the continental U.S. to your home or business.


Keystone Water was built on strong relationships — both with our customers and distributor partners — and providing a range of options for our customers that they can’t find anywhere else.


Focusing on these key principles, Keystone Water continues to be successful and grow. However, in early 2015, we tragically lost Derrek. In the time that followed Derrek’s passing, Mark has forged ahead with his and Derrek’s dream of becoming successful online marketers running top-notch Internet companies, and in honor of that dream, Mark and his wife, Michelle, carry on the vision set fourth by the two men to operate and expand the successful business.

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