Tired of Buying Water Bottles

Tired of buying water bottles?

You’re not alone. Each year, Americans go through roughly 50 billion water bottles. That comes down to as many as 1 million plastic bottles a minute. And is there a good, compelling reason we should keep doing so? Research suggests there isn’t.

Buying single-serving, single-use water bottles is problematic for a number of reasons. 

For one, it’s a clear and documented blight on the planet. The recycling rate for plastic water bottles is only 23%, meaning the rest are discarded and end up in landfills or worse, in the oceans. And even those that are recycled are not necessarily neutralizing their individual effect on the planet. Even when you throw your empty bottle in the recycling bin, the long and arduous process of sorting and bundling plastics in the recycling center leaves the door wide open for your bottle to ultimately end up discarded, despite your best efforts.

Another problematic aspect of water bottles comes from the fact that the water you’re drinking is very likely no more pure than the water from your tap. While the label most likely claims the water comes from a remote, tropical stream with the purest, crystal clear water, many water bottling companies get their water from municipal water sources, AKA the same place your tap water comes from. When tested, bottled water is almost always on par with tap water—and sometimes even less pure!

It’s also costing you a fortune. Bottled water is marked up as much as 3,000x. Should you regularly drink single-use water bottles on a regular basis, you’ll easily spend hundreds of dollars per year on that alone.

So what can you do? Clearly, you can’t stop drinking water. If anything, you should probably be drinking more of it. But there are ways of consuming enough water without relying on a system that is detrimental to your budget and the environment (with no known benefit to counteract these issues). 

Keystone Water offers a selection of Clover water dispensers for the office and personal use, all designed to provide you with great tasting, pure filtered water at any time. Whether you’re looking for a countertop model, larger bottled coolers, or our bottleless models that hook right into your water supply, our machines cut the middle man (single-use plastic) out of the equation entirely. This saves you money while providing you with great tasting water—the perfect combination.