The Quality and Taste of Filtered Water

Picture it: it’s a scorching summer day and you come inside to cool off with a glass of ice water. Now switch gears and picture those dark and icy winter nights where a cup of steaming tea is the perfect addition to your snuggled in the evening. It’s time we face the facts—water is at the heart of so much of our lives. So why, then, would anyone ever settle for less than the best when it comes to drinking water?

Unfortunately, the truth is that our water is often not nearly as “pure” as it’s advertised to be. When it comes to tapping water, depending on your water system, there could be potentially harmful contaminants that make their way to your tap. These contaminants include lead, arsenic, and aluminum.

“Fine!” you say. “I’ll just stick to bottled water.” Sadly, that won’t help you much in this case. While tap water is heavily regulated by the FDA and the EPA (and is still sometimes unhealthy), bottled water is under no such regulations. In fact, much of bottled water on shelves today is actually just tap water. And sometimes the tap water isn’t as rigorously filtered (because of the lag of regulation). 

So what are your options?

Filtered water is the safest option. Having a filter at the tap, or better yet, built into your water dispenser, takes the guesswork out of drinking water. When you take filtering into your own hands, you know it’s getting done. 

With filtered water, you can expect more benefits than your standard hydration. You’ll likely have better nutrient absorption, clearer skin, and can even help lessen acid reflux. Another key benefit here? It just tastes better. We’ve all had that moment where you take a sip of water straight from the tap and it just Filtered water fixes that problem for good.

If you’re ready to join the millions of others that rely on filtered water to stay hydrated and healthy, take a look at our wide selection of filtered water dispensers.