The Benefits of Filtered Water

Our body requires an average of 2 liters of water every day, even though nearly 60% of the human body is water. Most people are unaware about the benefits of drinking filtered water which is why we have decided to correct that measure by sharing some of them. Water is essential for life and the quality of the water you drink influences the nutrients and benefits your body gains from it.

This is where filtered water becomes such an important part of the conversation because it has untold benefits that everyone should know about. We’ve shared some of the main benefits and broken down what makes filtered water so good into different segments in this educational guide that will allow you to live a more informed life.

General Benefits of Filtered Water

You can install filtered water in your home with a whole house filter system that allows you to access filter water from every tap in your house or from specific sources. Filtered water is great for general use, such as showering or drinking. However, it is also great for health purposes and cooking since there are no toxins in filtered water. Some of the general benefits include:
  • Smells and tastes better 
  • Removes chlorine and chlorine by-products
  • No toxins enter the water
  • Filtered water doesn’t have any lead
  • Cheaper option than bottled water

Physical Appearance Benefits of Filtered Water

Filtered water also has many benefits for your physical appearance benefits. It not only makes you feel good inside but also has some aesthetic benefits. These physical appearance benefits include:
  • Healthier and stronger nails
  • Reduces skin problems
  • Softer and healthier skin
  • Healthy and softer hair
  • Shinier and healthier hair

Health Benefits of Filtered Water

The health benefits of filtered should be documented to everyone as there are numerous and help with detoxification of the body and digestion. It also helps in keeping the nervous system healthy and is important for young children who don’t have a built-up immune system. Some health benefits include:
  • Digestion 

Filtered water aids in digestion by preventing over-absorption of harmful chemicals and sugars while promoting regular bowel movements and metabolism.
  • Weight Control

Filtered water helps in weight control as it regulates metabolism.
  • Nervous System

Filtered water is good for the nervous system and the brain and can alleviate headaches.
  • Detoxification

Filtered water detoxifies the kidneys by helping them get rid of toxins and keeping your urinary system working properly. It also reduces risk of bladder infections.
  • Healthy Water and Babies

Babies under 6 months to 12 months old shouldn’t drink water as it can lead to over-hydration for them so they survive on baby formula in that period. Filtered water should be mixed in the formula so that their immune system isn’t compromised in infancy. 

Making the Case for Filtered Water

Every home should have filtered water as it is not only a healthier option but also cost-effective in the long-run as well. Furthermore, filtered water doesn’t have any chlorine, lead, or toxins that are added into the water after it leaves treatment centers. Some other benefits of filtered water include:
  • Reduces the risk of certain cancers
  • Reduces the risk of other diseases
  • Helps in the development of a strong immune system
  • Promotes cleaner air inside the home
So, what are you waiting for? Now, that you’ve learned about the benefits of filtered water, it’s time to go ahead and drink filtered water from now on.