Is Reverse Osmosis Good for You?

Is Reverse Osmosis Good for You?

Before we decide on whether or not it’s good for you, let’s establish what reverse osmosis (RO) is.

Reverse osmosis is much simpler than you might imagine. In simple terms, RO is the process of passing water through a semipermeable membrane that is designed to preventions, particles, and unwanted molecules from getting through, leaving the water that's passed through free from those unwanted impurities.

Think of it like straining pasta. When your pasta is done cooking on the stove, you dump the contents of the pot into a strainer, over the sink. The pasta can’t fit through the strainer holes, but the water can. Imagine those holes were microscopic in size. That’s what RO is doing. The holes are as small as .001 micrometers. The contaminant molecules are simply too large to pass through, while the water molecules are not.

So is it good for you?

Yes! RO systems like the Clover Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System do an excellent job of removing impurities and improving taste in drinking water. 

Given a large number of harmful substances that could be lurking in your tap water, filtration is an absolute must. While it can vary greatly by region and water system (and the majority of tap water in the US has been deemed safe by the EPA), it is possible that your tap water has trace amounts of:
  • Lead
  • Chlorine
  • Arsenic
  • Barium
  • Nitrates and nitrites
  • And more!
Because of this, reverse osmosis filtration systems are very commonly used in homes and businesses as an easy, cost-effective way of purifying tap water. This is a much more budget-conscious and environmentally friendly solution than relying on single-use bottled water instead.

If you’re interested in learning more about reverse osmosis systems for your home or business, get in touch with Keystone Water today!