6 Benefits of Filtered Water

6 Benefits of Filtered Water

I think everyone is on the same page when it comes to how critical it is for the water we drink, clean, and cook with to be free from harmful substances and safe to consume. But is that always the case? It is estimated that every single state has areas where tap water violates the Environmental Protection Agency’s Safe Drinking Water Act. Even worse, there’s been a general acceptance that even if our tap water isn’t up to snuff, the bottled water we buy at the grocery store surely is. The sad truth is, most bottled water is tap water with a hugely marked up price.

So what’s in our water that we need to worry about?  

Studies have shown that, depending on your water system, your tap water could include aluminum, chlorine, mercury, lead, arsenic, and dioxins.

And what are the benefits of filtering all that out?

In addition to the obvious benefits of preserving healthy lives by removing harmful substances, adding one of Keystone Water’s water filters can have a great effect on your life in a variety of areas.
  1. Your water will taste better.
    We’ve all experienced that moment where we turn on the faucet to pour a glass of water, only to notice a less-than-appetizing smell that is almost always accompanied by bad taste. Filtered water tastes great and smells like nothing at all.

  2. You save money on buying bottled water constantly.
    Buying water bottles in place of drinking out of the tap is an extremely expensive way to stay hydrated. You could be spending thousands of dollars per year on bottled water alone!

  3. You’ll reduce your plastic footprint.
    Just as bad (or worse) as spending your hard-earned cash on water bottles is the fate that awaits them in our landfills and oceans. It is estimated that only 23% of water bottles are recycled.

  4. You’ll reduce limescale buildup.
    Depending on your water system, you may have “hard” water. That means your tap water has an abundance of calcium carbonate that leaves an unpleasant residue in its wake.

  5. You’ll be more hydrated on a consistent basis.
    When great tasting water is on hand at all times (without breaking the bank), it makes it that much easier to reach for another glass. Speaking of, when’s the last time you had some water?

  6. Your skin will be brighter.
    Staying properly hydrated is one of the fundamental factors in maintaining great skin. Even more important, drinking water with improved mineral content helps flush out toxins more easily, keeping your skin happy.

Water is what keeps us going, day in and day out. Because of that, it’s important never to skimp on making sure the water we drink is pure from harmful agents. If you’re interested in installing a water filter, get in touch with Keystone Water today.