Ten Tall Decaf Coffee Single Brew Cup


Enjoy the refreshing taste of this wonderful decaf medium roast coffee!

96 count case under $0.50 per cup!


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Product Specifications


  • Mild/Medium Intensity
  • Smooth flavor with a hint of spice
  • Foil lid for sealing in the coffee freshness
  • Quality woven paper filter
  • *For use with Keurig®  K-Cup® compatible brewers.  Not for Keurig® Vue® or Keurig® 2.0 Systems.
  • 96 case count (4 boxes of 24)

At Ten Tall Coffee®, the belief is that a good cup of coffee should be able to wake your senses and give a jolt to your taste buds. It should have the ability to transport you to a part of the world in which it was passionately and responsibly cultivated.  We harvest our coffee trees at their optimal height of ten feet from a variety of regions circling the globe, to ensure that you taste deliciously high quality beans that are sure to leave you with a lasting impression.

Having the right cup of coffee can set the pace for your entire day.  We know that quality is of utmost importance, and this is something we do not waiver on.  In addition to bringing coffee in from all over the globe and being GFSI certified, we roast, grind, and pack the beans at our facility, ensuring a freshness you will be able to taste.

Like grapes, coffee beans get their flavor from a correct mix of humidity, temperature and altitude where the plant is grown. Each coffee growing region has a unique landscape that has an impact on the flavor, acidity, body and often, taste of the coffee.

Keystone Water is a registered distributor of Ten Tall Coffee®

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